Modeling reef vulnerability to climate change

West.Jordan at EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV West.Jordan at EPAMAIL.EPA.GOV
Thu Jun 28 15:23:26 EDT 2001

Dear Colleagues,

Conservation International is modeling biotic response to climate change in
terrestrial hotspots, and is interested in knowing if anyone is doing
global modeling of biotic response in reefs to climate change - both with
respect to projected temperature changes and calcification effects of
enhanced CO2.

Anyone interested in sharing information on global modeling of climate
change and reefs, please contact Lee Hannah at CI's Center for Applied
Biodiversity Science (CABS: l.hannah at

Please respond directly to Lee Hannah, as opposed to this address.

Many thanks,

Jordan M. West, Ph. D.
AAAS/EPA Science and Engineering Fellow

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
ORD/NCEA/Global Change Research Program
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue (Mail Code 8601D)
Washington, DC  20460

Phone:  202/564-3384
Fax:  202/565-0075
e-mail:  west.jordan at

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