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G. Cleveland gcleve at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 29 07:34:43 EDT 2001


Whoopie! -- you can now plan to have your cremated ashes sunk in the ocean
as part of an eco-friendly artificial reef.  A Georgia company, Eternal
Reefs, is promoting the reefs as the "only death care option that is truly
an environmental contribution and also creates a permanent, living
memorial for the deceased and their families."  The company mixes the
ashes into concrete specially designed to last in seawater.  It has sunk
about 60 of the memorial reefs, mostly off the coast of Florida, and it
hopes soon to be able to offer its customers the option of spending
eternity in the Pacific.

straight to the source:  Los Angeles Times, John-Thor Dahlburg, 25 Jun 2001

Hasn't the mob been practising this for decades?

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