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Talofa from Samoa

In answer to your request we are now experiencing widespread bleaching here
in Samoa - visual surveys of about 10 different sites show bleaching ranging
from 15% at  some to up to 90% at others. Acropora (formosa, hyacinthus
mainly) Massive Porites and Millepora - depth range to about 10M. Started
about end of January and ongoing - calm seas and clear skies for most of
that time but now overcast and raining which may help. Difficult to assess
level of mortality yet. Also signs of disease which precluded the signs of
bleaching but that was only from one site. I will fill in reporting form on
over the weekend with more details. Would like to hear whats happening


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	> Now that we have gotten one week's worth of new, improved SSTs
from our
	> new polar orbiting satellite (NOAA-16), indications from our
	> to SSTs expected at this time of year around Fiji are that
bleaching may
	> be underway.  SSTs (see link above) are nearly +1.5 deg C ABOVE
	> maximum expected during the warmest time of the year...what we
have seen
	> to date is even more elevated than what had occurred last year at
	> time when extensive bleaching was reported (mostly to the south).
	> Confirmation info is sought...please use our reporting form:
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