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Tue Mar 6 03:16:25 EST 2001

Friend of the Sea is an international non-profit initiative aiming at promoting sustainable fishing through market incentives.

COOP ITALIA Scarl, the main supermarket chain in Italy, has recently joined our project. The number of companies joining the project and undergoing analysis is rapidly increasing.

COOP ITALIA has sent a Preliminary Analysis form to its fish and sea products' suppliers (fishing and aquaculture).  The Preliminary Analysis form allows Friend of the Sea to gather initial information regarding companies' activities and it is the basis of further information request and audit activities.  

All the above information, the Preliminary Analysis modules, etc. can be viewed or downloaded at web site

Friend of the Sea has scientific support from several NGO's and institutes. However, Friend of the Sea wants to share information on the fishing and aquaculture activities of the companies involved and would appreciate feedback from all experts in the field.  

All opinions gathered will be taken in due consideration and, if provided with evidence, can be fundamental in the evaluation process.

Furthermore Friend of the Sea is seeking for experts interested in running local/national spot-checks at factories and fisheries, with Friend of the Sea technical and procedural support.

On this first stage Friend of the Sea is not able to provide funding for this collaboration (spot-checks costs are however covered by the audited companies), even though Friend of the Sea hopes to soon be able to sponsor your activity. 

Please let us know if you wish to receive the anonymous information regarding companies' fishing/aquaculture activities, in order to:
- evaluate the information,
- request further information,
- express your opinion,
- provide reference and evidence.

Please also let us know if you would take into consideration the possibility of running local/national spot-checks and audits to the companies or fisheries.


Friend of the Sea understands that any affirmative response to this email does not imply any engagement on your side and at any time you can inform us that you are not willing to collaborate or participate to the evaluation of companies' information. Information and opinions provided will in no way imply any responsability on your side. It will be Friend of the Sea responsability to verify the information received. Companies under evaluation will not know who is providing its collaboration to the anlysis and will not have access to your name or location.  

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