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Dan Meyer dmeyer at peer.org
Fri Mar 9 10:13:40 EST 2001

Coral reef preservationists:

On Tuesday, March 13th, Governor Jeb Bush and his Cabinet will hear a
proposal from the Department of Environmental Protection's staff to impose a
"corridor" solution upon the fiber optic cable industry wanting to cross the
nearshore coral reefs south of Cape Canaveral.  I have been informed that
without significant environmental group participation, it is unlikely that
the Governor will carry the "corridor" concept further than PEER has taken
it through DEP.

Industry has come back with a pretty draconian counter proposal, permitting
reef crossing at any point along the Florida reefs.  One of their most
effective argumemnts is that PEER is the only environmental group pushing
this agenda.

The PEER corridor idea would restrict cable laying below Cape Canaveral.
DEP has added a market-based component, allowing cable laying outside of the
corridor at 10 times the easement price -- a provision regarded as a ban by
the cable industry.

If you want to participate in the Tallahasse meeting, please give me a call
pronto: (202) 265.7337.  I suggest faxed letters to the Governor for anyone
who cannot attend.  I can get you the point of contact material by e-mail.


Dan Meyer
General Counsel/PEER

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