Destruction of reefs in Union Island

Randell Young ryoung at
Tue Mar 6 09:27:03 EST 2001

Please forward to:
Mr. Kurt Cordice
Union Island
The Grenadines
St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Dear Kurt Cordice,

I was a Peace Corps volunteer on St. Vincent 15 years ago and recently
received your plead for assistance from another volunteer of the same
vintage, Tim Jones.  I was so disturbed to read that further destruction of
the natural beauty of St. Vincent is occurring after Otley Hall, and who
knows how many other numerous examples in the Grenadines.  There is such a
wealth of knowledge about the importance of viable reefs, both to the
ecological but also the financial well-being of human populations living on
and depending on the sea for their livelihood. I'm sure that there must be
plenty of this knowledge available to the developers of this project. Is the
government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines so dense and myopic in their
thinking that they cannot recognize that importance and be open to
alternatives that certainly exist?  

I have sent your plea on to all on my list that might have some knowledge or
influence about these issues with the U.S. Marine Corps of Engineering, but
upon reviewing the date, I fear that any action is far too late.  Could you
please respond to me and tell me what the current status of this situation
is since your message of Jan. 10th, 2001?

Thank you so much for your vigilance and concern for the environment and
beauty of your small country.  I pray that in some small way your
appreciation will swell to greater numbers in the populace and, in the long
run, have an impact to save the environment of the Grenadines and the

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