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Mark TeKamp tekamp at
Wed Mar 14 16:50:53 EST 2001

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a Canadian university environmental studies student looking for
insight on how to participate in an internship overseas, namely Latin 
America and the Caribbean.

I was referred to you to this list by some of your collegues as a chance to 
let people know of my search and I want to know if any of you offer any 
internship possibilities or work placements for a student in my position.  I 
want to eventually find employment down south but my school does not offer 
any practical experince in my field in addition to my studies and that is 
why I am writing you.

If your organization does not offer these placements then if you can
provide any information that I could use to find these opportunities I would 
appreciate it.

Thank you

Mark TeKamp
tekamp at

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