Help: remote sensing

Derek Matthew Burgess swig at
Sun Mar 18 10:50:00 EST 2001

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Texas working on a 
RemoteSensing/GIS project on coral reef habitats in the Florida Bay Area. I 
am attempting to gather data to map benthic habitats, make some risk 
assessment for these habitats, and perform site suitability analysis for 
artificial reefs.

Would anyone be able to give some suggestions as to where I would be able 
to find remotely sensed data that would be best for the objectives I am 
trying to accomplish (Please keep in mind that I am a student and have 
limited data purchasing funds). I am thinking that archived Landsat imagery 
would probably suit my needs best. Do you know of any sites that would 
offer this data at no cost?

Much appreciated,
Derek Matthew Burgess
E-mail swig at

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