Help! Estimates of CO2 uptake in a tropical river estuary, please.

Val Byfield valborg at
Tue Mar 20 05:10:56 EST 2001

Dear All,

Can anyone help with a rough estimate of the rate of CO2 uptake through
marine photosynthesis in the Amazon estuary (or another large tropical
river estuary)?  



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>Dear Val,
>I wonder if I could ask you a technical question about marine
productivity.  Do you happen to know what the rate of absorption of carbon
dioxide by the sea within 1 km of the shore is likely to be during the day
in a large tropical river estuary (in this case the Amazon).
>I am really looking for an 'order of magnitude' estimate, to help us
evaluate some exciting new plans we have for direct measurement of marine
photosynthesis, using micrometeorological methods we usually use over land.
 If it looks like a sensible thing to try, it would be great if you were
able to give me a few bits of advice.  The key issue right now, though, is
'how much': we need it to be greater than about 0.5 umol C m-2 s-1 (0.5
micro moles of carbon dioxide per sq. metre per second) for the method to
>Thanks very much in advance for any help you can give me.
>with regards,

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