Fishing with SCUBA (fwd)

Samisoni Sauni, MSP-USP sauni_s at
Fri Mar 23 19:28:11 EST 2001

Now that American Samoa and Western Samoa have come out 
publicly, I wonder how many others in the Pacific region have this 
rather resource threatening problem.  Here in Fiji, I am not too sure 
whether we have it, but I am pretty certain that some uninformed 
indivs are doing it.  

With overfishing and destructive fishing being among the top of a 
whole host of problems directly affecting marine resources in the 
region, the introduction of SCUBA, particularly if it is 
commercialise, would surely create chaotic panic among resource 
managers in attempts to improve target fish stock levels.

Some urgent management measures is required while it is early 

Samasoni Sauni

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