Underwater Timers

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Dear Phil,

Normal digital underwater wrist watches have worked for me.  Specifically
most Casio models have a timer feature that will beep for 5 seconds at
whatever intervals you want.  The signal is clearly audible when not wearing
a thick hood, and I never detected any response from spawning fish to the
beeping (but you should check this in your setting).

  I will reccomend you the Casio G-shock 200M model, available at any
Bradlees or large department store for 30-40 US$, it is rugged dive watch
and it beeps loudly.


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I am shopping for some cheap underwater timers that can be set to beep
at prescribed intervals such as once every minute. I want to use them to
quantify fish  behavior so that an observer doesn't have to constantly
check their watch. Has anyone used this technique? Can you suggest a
device and perhaps a source for them?

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