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I recently started a website dedicated to preserving coral reef by free click 
donation.  I intend for it to be a portal for those interested in coral reef 
conservation.  I already have links to various important reef-related 
websites. I have even got a game and interactive section. Please give it a 
look. Also keep in mind that I will be adding many, many more links soon.

Thanks so much,
Adria Westfall



Dear all,

I'm working on an education project for secondary schools world wide -
which will follow the Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2002 (ex Whitbread) around the
world, using it as a focus to bring marine environmental issues to
secondary school students around the world.  We have science partners in
the host ports and cover a number of topics, among them corals.

The topics on the site are intended to arouse the interest of students, and
provide links to further information for those who want to know more.
Please let us know if you have websites on corals or coral research, which
you would like us to link to.  The target age group is 11-16 years, so the
site should be suitable interested lay people without any specific science

The full project website will go live at the beginning of June 2001, in
good time for the race, which starts 23 September.  At present there is a
Pilot Site available at .  However, if
you take a look at this, bear in mind that it will be substantially changed
as a result of our recently completed school evaluation exercise.

I look forward to hearing from anyone with a website they would like us to
link to.

Best regards,


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