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Dear All,

Please note the following WWF publications will become available over the next two months.  We are sending this out early so we can determine how many copies of the two reports we need to produce and to prepare our distribution list.  Please feel free to distribute this to others who are not on Coral-List.  Please direct any further queries to Halina Isimeli rather than myself.

Thanks, Sangeeta Mangubhai

World Wide Fund for Nature -  South Pacific Programme Publications

Report on Marine Resource Management and Conservation Planning: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands

The focus of this Packard Foundation funded study was to determine the priority needs and areas for conservation of marine and coastal resources in PNG and the Solomon Islands, and the feasible strategies for effectively addressing these needs.  The study provides useful information on the status of marine and coastal resources of PNG and the Solomon Islands and the anthropogenic 'factors' (including threats, socioeconomic, political and institutional considerations) that affect the conservation of those resources.  A comprehensive overview is also provided on the marine conservation and management initiatives and programs of other institutions operating in these two countries.  This publication should be ready for distribution by June 2001. 

Status Report: Collection of Coral and Other Benthic Reef Organisms for the Marine Aquarium and the Curio Trade in Fiji

Fiji, which is signatory to the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), is one of the world's largest exporters of coral reef products in the world.  This WWF report provides a comprehensive overview of the status of aquarium and curio industries operating in Fiji.  Information is provided on the types of reef plants and animals being harvested, export statistics, the issues, management responsibilities, and includes recommendations (both actions and guidelines) for the sustainable management of both industries in Fiji.  It is hoped this document will provide a first step in understanding the two industries, and the coral reef conservation and management issues to be addressed.  This publication should be available for distribution by July 2001.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of any of these WWF publications, please email your name, organisation and postal details to Halina Isimeli (hisimeli at wwfpacific.org.fj).

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