Coral injury sites

Gregory Piniak Gregory.Piniak at
Wed Mar 6 16:21:52 EST 2002

Dear coral-listers,

We are in the process of adapting a spatially-explicit seagrass recovery
model for use in describing and predicting the recovery of damaged coral
reefs.  We have three main objectives: to establish initial conditions
for the model under different injury and reef type scenarios; to select
appropriate species to model, based on species composition and
recruitment processes; and to begin calibrating the model's recovery
response.  We will primarily be working with NOAA Sanctuary biologists
to base the model on vessel grounding sites in the Florida Keys.
However, we are also looking for other sites in Florida or the Caribbean
that might provide an opportunity to survey disturbed reefs of known
injury age.  While the model was initially developed for boat
groundings, we are also interested in considering other injuries or
pertubations such as hurricanes, bleaching, and oil spills.  If any
listers can suggest appropriate damaged reefs, please email the reef
location, type and date of disturbance, and general site description to
Gregory.Piniak at

Thank you for your time and your input.


Greg Piniak
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