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Thu Mar 7 08:31:17 EST 2002

Dear All,

I am undertaking a meta-anlaysis of the effects of
hurricanes on the coral reefs of the wider Caribbean basin,
for my MSc research degree.  My primary research aim is

"To quantitatively synthesise studies reporting the effect
of tropical storms and hurricanes on the coral reefs of the
Caribbean basin in order to evaluate the variability in
observed effects between different species groups, and
between different background environmental characteristics"

The value of this study will hopefully come from
(1) elucidating the variability in effect size amongst
major functional groups, (2) explaining the variation in
effect size with respect to confounding human-induced
stresses such as overfishing, sedimentation etc, (3)
examine whether effect sizes characteristic of different
reef attributes are cumulative over time.

A great number of you have already offered invaluable
assistance in this research, for which I cannot thank you
enough.  If anyone whom I have not yet contacted directly
feels they can help with any of; scientific comment and
advice, data sources and possibilities of collaboration, or
knowledge of other research groups or individuals whom I
should contact I would be very appreciative indeed.

I can provide a detailed research proposal (12 pages - that
has been approved for funding), to anyone who feels they
may be able to help but would require more information.

I will be in the Caribbean from early April until
Ealry June (Miami, Puerto Rico, USVI, Jamaica)

Many thanks for your time in reading this


Toby Gardner
Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation
School of Biological Sciences
University East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ
Tel: 01603 610340
Email: t.gardner at

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