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There is an area near Cape Canaveral, Florida that has been closed to
fishing for years though is not officially  what you would call an MPA,
simply access has been denied due to proximity to the cape or something.
Anyway, along that boundary world- record  trophy fish are being caught  for
several species and I believe that has been attributed to the closure of the
area and to spillover.  I cant recall the author's name of the paper but
perhaps someone else can.  As far as historical catch records from the same
area, I dont know if they are available or not.  Im sure someone can help
you out on this.


John McManus wrote:

> There are several papers now that show increases in stock and catch when
> an MPA has been established. The effect is most clear when the reserve is
> in the midst of very heavily overfished areas -- any protection then
> usually results in dramatic benefits. One or two studies that showed
> little or no positive impacts have been from areas such as the GBR where
> fishing pressure is not nearly as high. See papers by Angel Alcala, Gary
> Russ and Robert Pomeroy (Masinloc) for starters.Cheers!
>  John
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>      Dear Coral - List Members, Though MPAs have a great many
>      benefits with regards to observations , statements in a stack of
>      MPA pubs, etc.  - where may I quickly find direct research and
>      studies references that "do the numbers?"  The politicians and
>      Gov. economic advisers simply say to us  'Yeah, well good & fine
>      - talk is talk - but show us the figures - where you can prove
>      to us that fisheries stocks are indeed enhanced by MPAs?" I need
>      case examples with those numbers and not just words,
>      observations, and perhaps institutional / academic
>      'whitewashing'.   An example of numbers would be a historical
>      record of past catch landings vs those after the MPA
>      establishment - with direct, verifiable correlation to the MPA
>      of course. Anyone comment on Apo? Any assistance would be well
>      appreciated here. Many thanks,Don BakerLankayan-Billean-Tegaipil
>      MPASabah, Malaysia

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