[campam] Fw: MPA Benefits - In Numbers

Fri Mar 8 19:15:29 EST 2002

The report by Fiona Gell, Callum Roberts and Renata Goodridge entitled
fishery effects of the Soufriere Marine Management Area 1995/6 to
Environment Department, University of York, UK, should provide some
(including numbers). Basically, the study shows the stocks of some
economically important fin-fish species tripled in the Marine Reserves
doubled in the adjacent fishing areas since inception of the Marine
Management Area. You might want to request a copy of the report from Dr.
Roberts at the following email address: cr10 at york.ac.uk

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I came across a well documented case study from the Phillipines. I will
check and try to give the exact reference

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>Dear Coral - List Members,
>Though MPAs have a great many benefits with regards to observations ,
>statements in a stack of MPA pubs, etc.  - where may I quickly find direct
>research and studies references that "do the numbers?"  The politicians and
>Gov. economic advisers simply say to us  'Yeah, well good & fine - talk is
>talk - but show us the figures - where you can prove to us that fisheries
>stocks are indeed enhanced by MPAs?"
>I need case examples with those numbers and not just words, observations,
>and perhaps institutional / academic 'whitewashing'.   An example of
>numbers would be a historical record of past catch landings vs those after
>the MPA establishment - with direct, verifiable correlation to the MPA of
>course. Anyone comment on Apo?
>Any assistance would be well appreciated here.
>Many thanks,
>Don Baker
>Lankayan-Billean-Tegaipil MPA
>Sabah, Malaysia

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