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Wed Mar 13 08:23:58 EST 2002

Hello All @ Coral-L,

On this MPA & Numbers issue...   I am both surprised and disappointed that
the 'numbers' simply are not 'readily available.'  I am to assume that my
'political counterparts' know this as well - as they have challenged me for
such. I think we - as scientists - need to make 'business & science' a bit
more transparent in this year of 2002 or we will see more an more ecosystems
compromised.  This word 'compromise' was taken from a politician friend here
in a 'cute-sy' term indicating 'eradication or
modified [ecosystem] for commercial exploitation.'  This is serious
'business' people and action is needed rather than 'arm-chair' rhetoric's
based on 'who did that paper..or who knows who at whatever lab or
institution.' are raped from the reefs of Sabah-Sulu Sea
with cyanide every day...a silent killer verses the bomb that 'makes a
boom.'  Giant clams are almost extinct in the region as a result of
Taiwanese/Chinese [no difference except their flag & politics] pillaging.

In short, I need to convince the Sabah State Gov that 'their rice bowl' will
be filled too well as the MPA being able to operate & survive - if
eco-tourism 'foots-the-bill!'.

Don Baker
Sandakan-Sabah-Sulu Sea

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