Echinoid Character Set

Bruce Neill bneill at
Thu Mar 14 10:13:11 EST 2002

In the spirit of the Tree of Life Initiative, and to facilitate
communication among researchers interested in systematic analyses of regular
echinoids, I would like to compile a morphological character-set potentially
suitable for systematic analysis of any regular echinoid group.

As characters are submitted, I will compile a list (citing the source
(author and/or publication - if appropriate) of the characters).  Once the
character-set is completed, I will make it available on appropriate
list-servers and any other media in which it might be suitably presented
(e.g., the Echinoderm Newsletter).

If you are interested in commenting on, or contributing to this
character-set list, please reply to me (off-list) at bneill at  I
will gather the addresses of those interested parties and proceed to compile
the character-set.

My apologies for cross-postings.

Bruce Neill, Ph.D.
bneill at

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