Help Stop Reef Fish Overfishing in the U.S. Caribbean

Alexander Stone reefkeeper at
Thu Mar 21 07:25:00 EST 2002

Your Help Needed Before March 22nd!

March 20, 2002

Dear Friends:

I have signed onto ReefGuardian International's email Petition to Stop
Overfishing of U.S. Caribbean Reef Fish.  I hope you will do the same.

U.S. Caribbean snappers and groupers continue to be overexploited. Yet a
proposed federal rule would enthrone status quo reef fish catch levels.
This could doom many snapper and grouper species to population collapse
by keeping them from qualifying for badly needed rebuilding plans to
reverse their overfishing. Please join me in telling the National Marine
Fisheries Service to reject this rule.

Just go to
and sign the Petition to Stop Overfishing of U.S. Caribbean Reef Fish.

Thanks a lot!

Alexander Stone
2829 Bird Ave #5
Miami, FL  33133
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