MPA user perception surveys?

Hernandez Edwin coral_giac at
Sun Mar 24 21:13:15 EST 2002

Dear Coral-Listers.

As part of our long-term studies at the Luis Pena
Channel Marine Fishery Reserve, in Culebra Island,
Puerto Rico, we are actually carrying-out a user
perception survey with the collaboration of the
undergraduate students of the Ecology of Puerto Rico
course at the University of Puerto Rico.

This study is focused in understanding the perception
of the MFR users, mostly local Culebra's residents,
fishermen, students, Puerto Rican and foreign
tourists, and recreational navigators.  The main goal
of this study is to identify major management and
educational lagoons and to develop an educational
strategy as part of a major management plan.

However, we've had some trouble trying to locate
literature on similar studies for comparison purposes.
I'd like to know if somebody in the list is familiar
with any On Line reference or any published study
regarding user perception surveys regarding other MPAs

Thanks for any help you can provide us.



Edwin A. Hernandez-Delgado, Ph.D.
University of Puerto Rico
Department of Biology
Coral Reef Research Group
P.O. Box 23360
San Juan, P.R. 00931-3360
Tel (787) 764-0000, x-4855; Fax (787) 764-2610

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