measuring coral growth

Sean Coats Scoats at
Fri Mar 29 07:20:41 EST 2002


I am trying to measure coral growth by using water displacement to measure
volume change.  The colonies that I intend to measure can be moved and
cannot be damaged at the end of the study.   I would like to be able to
place the colony in a vessel of water of known surface area and measure the
change in water height once the colony has been added, thus obtaining a
volume that will change with growth.  Has anyone measured coral growth in
this manner before?  If so, what type of vessel and measuring device did you
use?  Does anyone know if a company makes such a measuring device for items
ranging in size from 1cm to 30 cm in diameter?  Any help would be
appreciated .


R. Sean Coats
Sr. Biologist
The Florida Aquarium

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