Tropical Marine Invertebrate Biology Summer Course

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Sat May 4 12:24:27 EDT 2002

I would like to invite list members wishing to learn more about tropical
invertebrates to consider participating in the course offered below.

Norman Quinn

Tropical Marine Invertebrate Biology
Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory
University of the West Indies
30 June - 14 July 2002

Faculty:  Prof. Peter F. Newell, Former Head Dept of Biology, University
the South Pacific

               Dr. Barbara L. Kojis, Director, Division of Fish and
Wildlife, Virgin Islands

               Dr. Norman J. Quinn, Director, Discovery Bay Marine Lab,
University of the West Indies

               Dr. George F. Warner, Director, Center for Marine
University of the West Indies

Course Aims: To increase students' knowledge of the biology and
of marine invertebrate animals and of methodologies for marine
fieldwork through intensive, direct experience. At the end of the course
students will be able to identify marine species within a range of
invertebrate phyla. They will understand aspects of the biological
relationships between these species and their environments and will be
to apply field and laboratory techniques to study these relationships.
will become proficient at scientific record keeping.

Instruction by a widely experienced faculty will be by extensive
lectures, and laboratory practicals. This is a 4 credit University of
West Indies course and may be transferable to other universities.

Application: The course is open to undergraduates and graduates who have
taken at least one year of biology - invertebrate zoology and ecology
recommended. All students must be confident of their swimming skills.
Students with scuba certification are encouraged to enroll and will be
to utilize those skills in field activities. Applications should include
cover letter with a paragraph describing why you are interested in the
course, transcripts, and two letters of recommendation. Applications
will be
reviewed on 22 May 2002. Late applications will be considered if space
permits. Applications may either be sent by post or email.

Fellowships will be available to facilitate participation of students
have difficulty paying the full fee. The fellowships will not be
to assist with paying for meals and accommodation. Evidence for the
fellowship must be included when the student submits the application.

Facilities: The Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory is a research and
institution of the University of the West Indies, ideally located for
studies of coral reef environments. It has easy access to a
lagoon, rocky shores, shallow and deep coral reefs and fossil
coral reefs. Diving equipment includes scuba tanks, several boats,
compressors, a double lock hyperbaric chamber, digital imaging lab, wet
several dry labs, library and workshops. Accommodations include a 10
dormitory and apartment block. Research space is available to
students and courses from other institutions. For details of fees and
availability contact:

Dr. Norman J. Quinn, Director, Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory, PO Box
Discovery Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica. Fax (876) 973-3091, phone (876)
Email: nquinn at

Norman Quinn, Ph.D.
Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory
PO Box 35
Discovery Bay, St. Ann
phone (876) 973-2241 fax (876) 973-3091
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