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Effective immediatly, there is an Aquarist position available at the San
Antonio Zoological Gardens and Aquarium.Aquarists perform a variety of
tasks related to the handling, care, and maintenance of fishes,
invertebrates, and other aquatic vertebrae along with their
enviroments.The Aquarist reports to the department Supervisor.

*Establish and maintain positive, cooperative, and effective working
relations with fellow employees.
*Constantly exhibit a customer service attitude, a smile, and an obvious
interest in visitor comfort and service.
*Communicate with the public in a courtious and tactful manner and assist
visitors with questions and directions to various areas of the Zoo.
Address the visitor-do not wait to be asked.
*Remove trash and debris from public areas; i.e. pick up litter whenever
you see it.
*Performing daily cleaning and maintenance of enclosures, service areas,
and holding fascilities.
*Assisting with medication of species in accordance with instructions of
the Zoo Verterinarian.
*Observing and evaluating animal behavior and conditions, and reporting
to the department Supervisor on a daily basis.
*Providing assistance in setting up exhibits.
*Driving motor vehicles or operating mechanical equipment.
*Any and all other duties as assigned.

*Knowledge of fishes and aquatic vertebrae behavior and biology.
*Able to follow oral and written instructions.
*Able to communicate in English.
*Able to work safely with delicate, wild, and frequently dangerous
*Able to lift heavey (80 lbs.) objects from ground level, move
approximatly 10 feet, and return to ground level.
*Able to open, enter, exit, and secure animal enclosures.
*Suffeciant strngth, agiliyt, and coordination to net capture, amd/or
restrain animals of extreme size, strngth, and agility.
*Sufficiant delicacy to handle, examine, and move without harming, sick,
injured, or struggling small animals.

*Able to work weekends, holidays, and occasional after-hour assignments.
*Valid Texas driver's license.
*Associates degree in wildlife/fisheries managment, zoology, biology, or
related field.
*One year aquarist experience.

Starting salary is $7.87/hr. This goes to $8.11/hr. after 4 months.
If you, or you know someone that is wanting to get into this field,
please send a resume to,
  San Antonio Zoo
3903 N. St. Mary's ST.
San Antonio, TX 78212

            George Stettner
  Aquarium/Reptile Supervisor
           San Antonio Zoo
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