Information on Coral reef associated crabs

dugong dugong at
Tue May 14 03:52:12 EDT 2002

Dear all,
I am working on the coral associated crabs of Gulf of Mannar Biosphere
Reserve in South East Coast of India (between India and Sri Lanka). This
year we have conducted survey (20 days before) on the reefs and we have
found that very less number of crabs present which may be due to bleaching
of some species of massive corals. I am interested in continuing studies on
the reef associated crabs.  Any one who can spend a few minutes time in
helping me finding out information, reprints and literature on the taxonomy,
diversity, distribution and ecology of these crabs (Trapezium crabs) are
welcome.  Since the place where I am working has not ordering all the
related journals. Hence i request for help.
Thanks very much
A. Gokul
Research Scientist
Marine Biological Station
Zoological Survey of India
130, santhome High Road
Chennai 600 028 India

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