ISRS 2002 bioerosion

marcos science at
Mon May 27 10:48:24 EDT 2002

Dear all.

This message concerns the ISRS Meeting to be held in Cambridge, UK from
the 4 - 7 September 2002.
All colleagues that work in the field of bioerosion and have new data to
present to the scientific community are invited to contribute. We can
include three more talks and many many more posters.

This session will be organized partly as a workshop. We encourage the
presentation of specimens (microscopes are available) and hope to have a
lively discussion on all issues of bioerosion in past and present. The
presentation of traces is as welcome as the demonstration of recent
material (recent traces: see lively discussion).

If you are planning to participate, please note that the deadline for
submitting an abstract is 1 JUNE 2002. If you feel that you want to
participate but cannot meet the deadline for any reasons, please contact

Cheers, Marcos

Dr. Marcos Gektidis
mailto: science at
Senckenberganlage 32-34
60054 Frankfurt am Main

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