Graduate students working with Caribbean coral ecosystems

Laurie Richardson richardl at
Tue May 28 17:00:23 EDT 2002

Dear Graduate Students in Caribbean marine sciences:

The Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean is a network of
marine labs that, together, have a goal of fostering science and
collaboration with regard to Caribbean marine ecosystems.  Every two
years there is a science meeting, which rotates among member labs.  The
next science meeting will be in Trinidad in summer of 2003.

We are interested in expanding the scope of the AMLC to enhance
interaction among graduate students in the Greater Caribbean region.  We
would like to see a network (email based) in which students can compare
notes, foster collaborations, let each other know about the availability
of labs for field work, etc.   Graduate student membership is $5 per
year, which includes two yearly newsletters and the opportunity to
present papers (and attend) the science meetings.

If you are interested in this new venture, please contact graduate
student Josh Voss.  His email address is:

    jvoss001 at

To apply for membership (and learn more about our organization), please
see the AMLC website.  The address is

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.
Laurie Richardson, AMLC Membership Director

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