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Charles Frew cfrew at
Thu May 30 07:08:26 EDT 2002

Dear All,

    I was very kindly given your contact details by Mike Ross (Cebu,
Philippines) in hope that you might be able to assist me.  I have
recently returned from Shark Conference 2002: Sustainable Utilization
and Conservation of Sharks which was held in Taipei during May.   As
expected shark fin traders were there in numbers listening to what we
had to say. One or two were concerned about diminishing shark
populations.  At the end of the conference, one of the traders told me
that they were now going to target the shark stocks of East Timor,
especially the prized fins of Hammerheads. You might also like to know
that Indonesia is the highest exporter (globally) of shark fins, with
India coming 2 nd.

Therefore I would be grateful if this email could be forwarded to (a)
the dive shops, FreeFlow -Luke Jones, Dive Timor Lorasae and any other
establishments with a vested marine interest within East Timor, and to
(b) an official linked to fisheries in East Timor.

I hope that something can be done, but I fear that 'finning' will be too
much of an economic incentive for both local and 'other' archipelago

Please keep me informed if you have or hear any news.

Regards, Charles Frew

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