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>The deadline for abstracts is approaching, and we again encourage 
>submissions for the mini symposium on "THE INFLUENCE OF STORMS AND 
>FLOODS ON CORAL REEF DEVELOPMENT" to be held at the 10th 
>International Coral Reef Symposium in Okinawa. A number of abstracts 
>have been submitted for this topic, and we invite colleagues to 
>contribute to the discussions concerning the effects of large waves 
>and run-off of sediment and freshwater onto sensitive reefs. The 
>10th ICRS is an opportune time to collate these observations and 
>compare findings. Our intent is to publish the assembled papers as 
>an up-to-date documentation of the observed effects of large storms 
>and floods on reef ecosystems; the medium will be either a special 
>publication or as part of the proceedings.
>Mike, Chip, Paul, and Curt
>Storm-generated waves and sediment-laden floods contribute 
>significantly to reef development and coral morphology, health, and 
>zonation. The character of most reefs reflects their response to 
>long-term prevailing conditions as well as major events. Changing 
>patterns or intensity of storminess due to elevated sea surface 
>temperatures or normal climatic variability (e. g. El Nino, Pacific 
>Decadal Oscillation) place external pressures on both healthy reefs 
>and those stressed by other natural and anthropogenic activities. 
>Similarly, levels of sediment run-off from many high islands has 
>increased within recent decades due to human-induced changes in 
>adjacent watersheds and increased soil exposure. Understanding storm 
>and flood processes on coral reefs is critical for assessing their 
>historical development, response to changes in other environmental 
>parameters, and for managing them as a resource.
>This mini symposium will address the large-scale issues of the 
>impact on reefs from increased wave and run-off intensity due to 
>climate change/variability; the role of storm waves in shaping the 
>morphology and ecology; and the processes of sediment transport and 
>deposition on corals. Summaries of current regional investigations, 
>site specific studies, and modeling results are all encouraged.
>Mike Field, USGS Pacific Science Center,Santa Cruz, CA (mfield at usgs.gov)
>Paul Jokiel , University of Hawaii, HIMB, Kaneohe, HI  (jokiel at hawaii.edu)
>Chip Fletcher, University of Hawaii, SOEST, Manoa, HI 
>(fletcher at soest.hawaii.edu)
>Curt Storlazzi , USGS Pacific Science Center, Santa Cruz, CA 
>(storlazzi at usgs.gov)


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