[Coral-List] A Gathering of Researchers

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Fri Dec 5 07:26:09 EST 2003

Greetings, Coral-Listers,

Twenty-one coral reef researchers (see below) who study coral bleaching, 
growth, reproduction and other disciplines gathered at the Caribbean 
Marine Research Center (CMRC) on Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas January 
20-24, 2003 at a workshop/think tank entitled "The Effects of Combined 
Sea Temperature, Light, and Carbon Dioxide on Coral Bleaching, 
Settlement and Growth" to, a) explain what is known of certain coral 
reef problem domains, that is, as they relate to anthropogenic stress 
and coral reef response, b) determine which in situ monitoring 
instruments would help in these research problems, and, c) to begin to 
provide a dialog to enhance current expert system modules (or develop 
new modules) for NOAA's Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) 
stations. These goals are helping to facilitate interpretation of (i.e., 
model) those factors thought to be conducive to stimulating particular 
events (e.g., coral bleaching, coral growth, coral recruit health).

A NOAA Technical Memorandum of this meeting will soon be printed, which 
includes synopses of the researchers' talks, as well as Web links to 
their PowerPoint presentations. Before printing, though, I need to get 
an idea of the number of people who might like the hard copy so that I 
can have an adequate number printed. If you think you would like a copy, 
please respond to this email to me only (not to the list! PLEASE!) and 
include in the body of the message a mailing address so that I can 
cut-and-paste, like so:

John Smith
City, State, Zip
Country, etc.

A color copy of the final version will also be available on the Web as a 
PDF. The printed version will likely not be available until January or 

The topics of the presentations and the authors are shown below.

Thank you for your interest.


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** The Effects of Combined Sea Temperature, Light, and
Carbon Dioxide on Coral Bleaching, Settlement and Growth **

Response of Corals to Solar Radiation and Temperature
Michael Lesser ………

The Sublethal Bleaching Response
William K. Fitt ………

Seasonal Fluctuations In Photosynthetic Performance
In Reef Corals: Implications For Long-Term
Monitoring And Coral Bleaching
Mark E. Warner ………

Zooxanthellae Typing And Seasonal Changes
Todd LaJeunesse ………

Effects Of Light On Coral Reproduction And Recruitment
Daniel F. Gleason ………

Effects Of Solar Irradiance On Reef Coral
Physiology And Recruitment
Ilsa B. Kuffner ………

Effect Of Bleaching On The Coral Host Total
Lipid Content, Lipid Class Composition,
And Skeletal Stable Isotopic Composition
Andréa G. Grottoli, Lisa J. Rodrigues, Carlos Juarez ………

Determining Bleaching Thresholds: Separating The
Effects Of Light And Temperature For
Species-Specific Tolerance Limits
Ray Berkelmans ………

Coral Bleaching And Light Attenuation:
Can Elevated Turbidity Help Corals?
Erich Mueller ………

Factors Influencing Geographic And Seasonal
Variations In Light Exposure Of Coral
Assemblages In The Florida Keys
Richard G. Zepp ………

Assessing the Health of Coral Reef Ecosystems in the
Florida Keys Using an Integrated Molecular
Biomarker System
Cheryl M. Woodley ………

Recruitment and Biodiversity Studies on
ENSO-Impacted Coral Reefs in Panama
Peter W. Glynn ………

Field monitoring of the interactions between
coral reef calcification and seawater chemistry ………
Joanie Kleypas ………

Effects of CO2 on coral growth and calcification
Chris Langdon ………

Coral Bleaching Issues: In support of
CREWS station monitoring plans
Melanie McField ………

Land-based sources versus “Global Change”:
striking a balance in evaluating stresses
on modern coral reefs
Michael J. Risk ………

Abundance and Diel Migrations Of Demersal
Mesozooplankton And Small Reef Fishes
And Their Trophodynamic Contribution to the
Coral Reef Ecosystem: A Pilot Study
Peter Ortner, Shailer Cummings, Sharon Smith, Peter Lane ………

NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch Program and
USCRTF’s Climate Change and Coral Bleaching
Alan E. Strong ………

The Hydrodynamics Of A Coral Bleaching Event:
The Role Of Satellite And CREWS Measurements
William Skirving ………

A Decade of SEAKEYS Data: SST Trends and Patterns
Derek Manzello ………

The Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS):
Marine Environmental Monitoring to Support
Research and Marine Sanctuary Management
James C. Hendee ………

Think Tank Conclusions
(All Authors) ………

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