[Coral-List] Mass Fish Deaths in Kiribati and Nauru---Due to the new Sonar?

Melissa Keyes mekvinga at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 8 08:20:27 EST 2003

Hello, Listers,
Have the dead reef fish in Kiribati and Nauru been analyzed for cause of death?
Question for anyone; Were there any such fish deaths when the Whales and Dolphins stranded themselves recently with "bends" like injuries off, oh, was it Portugal?  This being after naval military exercises using an extremely powerful new Sonar.
And, has there been put in place any way to study the close-up effects of this Super Sonar, which, the use of which the American Polititians re-instated after it was severly restricted because of environmental concerns, by a Supreme Court Judge?  This is not a political discussion here, just what is going on in the world's oceans with a very powerful military system that is geographically unrestricted and is in use now.

Could the pelagic Tuna be attracted, somehow, after the reef fish were mortally injured by (maybe, I don't know where the military is operating secretly) this Sonar?  The Tuna having been far enough away to avoid injury?  Would exposure to 250+ decibels of Sonar injure fishes' eyes?

Sign me, a curious and helpless bystander.

Melissa Keyes

 s/v Vinga, St. Croix/Bonaire/Scotland

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