[Coral-List] coral reefs, nutrient fluxes and pore water extraction

Eva-Maria Zetsche evamariaz at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 8 15:24:53 EST 2003

Dear Coral Lister,

I am a German Master student currently working on algal production in the 
coral reefs of Belize, more specifically the effects of different nutrient 
fluxes from different reef substrata. I would like to and really need to get 
an idea of nutrient flux coming out of the reef. I am working with a sand 
substrate, a rubble substrate and the actual reef framework. It is no 
problem getting reef interstitial waters and pore waters from the sediment, 
also it is fine to set up benthic chambers on the sand substrate. However, I 
am having difficulties coming up with an idea to get an idea of the nutrient 
or at least water flux out of the actual reef framework. Someone suggested 
pressure-neutral collection bags (like plastic bags) to work similar to 
seepage meters, but I am not sure how or if this should work. I would be 
most happy to hear if anyone has any further or more detailed suggestions!!

Also, on the actual pore water analysis, since I have limited equipment, a 
nice sediment corer but no way to pressure squeeze out the water, I heard 
you could take sections (for eg. 2cm) and add a specific amount of water and 
then filter it and analyse the nutrients in the water. Does anyone have any 
further information on the exact methodology. It's very hard to get at 
information here.

I would be very happy to hear from anyone.

Best regards,
Eva-Maria Zetsche

(out in Belize ;-))

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