[Coral-List] 10th ICRS Session - Corals, Carbon & Climate

Joanie Kleypas kleypas at atd.ucar.edu
Wed Dec 10 07:46:15 EST 2003

Reminder of a session at the 10th ICRS entitled:
   Session: 2-9 Coral Reefs and Global Change III:
                Corals, Carbon and Climate.
   chairs:  Joanie Kleypas, Yoshimi Suzuki, Chris Langdon

This session will address the roles of corals and other
reef calcifiers in the carbon cycle.  We are particularly
interested in receiving abstracts on:
1. the effects of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide on
   calcium carbonate precipitation and dissolution
2. the role of coral reef calcification in the carbon cycle
3. records of coral and reef calcification in recent and past

If you are planning to submit an abstract to this session
(or have already done so), please send a copy to me, Chris
Langdon, and Yoshimi Suzuki, at:
   kleypas at ucar.edu
   langdon at ldeo.columbia.edu
   seysuzu at ipc.shizuoka.ac.jp

See you there! Joanie Kleypas

Note, the deadline for submitting abstracts for the 10th ICRS is
Dec. 25.  The conference website is at:

J. Kleypas
National Center for Atmospheric Research
PO Box 3000
Boulder, CO  80307-3000
PH:  303.497.8111
FAX: 303.497.8125
kleypas at ucar.edu

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