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OKINAWA 10th ICRS Conference mini-symposium "Effects of Pollutants on Corals
and Coral Reef Organisms " - Theme 3


Despite often being cited as a key cause of coral reef degradation, there is
very little published information on the effect of pollutants on corals. The
field of tropical ecotoxicology is very much in its infancy and coral
ecotoxicology is very poorly defined - a mini-symposium on coral
ecotoxicology, will provide a means of discussing the effects of pollutants
on corals.

Emphasis would be placed on providing water quality guidelines (i.e. for
herbicides, insecticides or heavy metals) and on the development of new
techniques for assessing 'effect' and 'exposure' in corals. The session
would include studies with adult corals as well as tests with juvenile
corals (i.e. fertilization inhibition tests, settlement success etc) and
would also include other reefal organisms. 

It is hoped that the mini-symposium would be the basis for review on stress
assessment in coral reefs, updating previous paper that have stemmed from
ICRS meetings...

ABSTRACT due: 25 December 2003 at http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004/  
(click on 'Call for Papers' and go to 'Abstract Submission'). Also, please
send a copy of your abstract to rjones at uq.edu.au. Please contact me at the
address below for more information. 


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