[Coral-List] global reference guide

megan berkle zennnnwoman at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 16 14:02:53 EST 2003

   Attn:// Coral listers:

   I  am writing a global marine resource guide.  This is a comprehensive
   but  detailed  list  of  all  the non-profit organizations, aquariums,
   laboratories  and marine science departments world-wide.  I need a lot
   of  help  as there are 1000's of small marine facilities.  If you work
   at a marine facility and are capable of forwarding me information that
   would be extremely helpful.  I need the following information:

   Name of organization:
   Address and contact information:
   Date founded:
   Number of faculty/ research biologists:
   List of recent publications:
   General marine life studied:
   Information on volunteer/internship programs:
   Future goals and expectations:

   Please  e-mail me at worldtravellersclub at yahoo.com .  I prefer to have
   information/ brochures/ pamphlets sent via mail to:

   Megan Berkle
   5409 Overseas Highway/ #262
   Marathon, Florida 33050-2710




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