[Coral-List] Final call for abstracts 2004 ICRS Ecol Inj Rap Assessmt Proc for CR

David.A.Gulko at hawaii.gov David.A.Gulko at hawaii.gov
Wed Dec 17 21:12:11 EST 2003



Several abstracts have already been submitted for the session 4-4:
Ecological Injury Rapid Assessment
Procedures for Coral Reefs, and I welcome other folks to submit abstracts
on innovative uses of assessment techniques for detecting anthropogenic
damage to reefs, specifically from a resource management, mitigation and
restoration perspective.  Scientists, resource managers, enforcement
officials, prosecutors and decision-makers who make use of such techniques
innovative approaches from various regions are encouraged to submit
abstracts to be part of this session at ICRS 2004.

The mini-symposia session "4-4: Ecological Injury Rapid Assessment
Procedures for Coral Reefs" will focus on the issues confronting coral reef
resource managers who, with the dramatic increase in short-term
anthropogenic events impacting their reefs, have found themselves
unprepared to collect the necessary data that can be used to determine
impact effects, causality, and assist in determining mitigation and
restoration.  Such data collection needs often go beyond the standard
assessment and monitoring techniques found in most coral reef research, to
include investigative protocols, chain-of-custody and documentation
concerns, and community relations.  Often the information collected will be
used in legal or resource decision-making venues.  This symposium will
review rapid ecological assessments which are investigative from a legal or
resource management perspective.  Through interaction, the symposium is
expected to serve to bridge the needs of coral reef resource managers with
the ecological expertise of the scientific community, to focus on the
legal, restoration planning, and impact limitation concerns surrounding
many anthropogenic coral reef events.  It will involve presentations
discussing the need for rapid, multi-disciplinary ecological assessments of
impact sites to collect such information in a coordinated fashion, and
provide examples where appropriate.  Primary topics around which discussion
will take place include the creation of multi-agency investigative strike
teams, vessel groundings, illegal take, alien species, and shore-based
impacts (sediment and run-off concerns). This symposia is envisioned to
include both presentations and panel discussion. A post-symposia field
guide on the range of techniques and programs discussed in this session is

For information regarding the upcoming ICRS meeting, and for instructions
on submitting an abstract, please visit

Please also send a additional copy of your abstract submission for this
session (4-4: Ecological Injury Rapid Assessment Procedures for Coral
Reefs) to: david.a.gulko at hawaii.gov

Note: you must follow the abstract submission details as outlined on the
ICRS webpage (http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004/) carefully and submit your
abstract prior to the December 25, 2003 deadline.

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