[Coral-List] Precious corals from Taiwan...

angela dikou angeladikou at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 19 09:53:30 EST 2003

   Dear Coral-List,

   I  wonder  whether  somebody  is aware of whether the trade name "Pink
   Beads"  corresponds to certain species of precious corals from Taiwan.
   Any information is highly appreciated.

   Thank you

   Angela Dikou
   >From: "Richard E. Dodge"
   >To: coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov
   >Subject:   [Coral-List]  Coral  Reef  Biodiversity  Research  Funding
   >Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 08:35:36 -0400
   >Dear Coral-List:
   >The National Coral Reef Institute (NCRI), Nova Southeastern
   >University, announces a request for one-year proposals to be funded
   >beginning January 1, 2004. NCRI's objectives include assessment,
   >monitoring, and restoration of coral reefs through basic and applied
   >research on reef structure and function.
   >The priority theme identified for this RFP's funding is: Coral Reef
   >Biodiversity Research
   >The successful applicant(s) should propose innovative research to
   >identify a gap or constraint that can be addressed to increase the
   >body of coral reef science relating to the theme within reef
   >assessment, monitoring, or restoration. Research syntheses or
   >feasibility studies of science that shows theoretical and practical
   >promise are possibilities. Special consideration will be given to
   >projects that provide evidence of supplemental, leveraged, and
   >institutional matching funding to expand or broaden these
   >activities. Research should have a likelihood of providing results
   >that will be reported in the scientific literature.
   >Funding available for the proposed work is $26,000 (USD). One
   >proposal is expected to be funded.
   >Deadline for receipt of application is OCTOBER 31, 2003. Funding for
   >the one-year award is anticipated to begin January 1, 2004.
   >Details of the application process are provided at:
   >Thank you.
   >Richard E. Dodge, Ph.D.
   >Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center
   >8000 N. Ocean Drive
   >Dania, FL 33004
   >954-262-4020 fax
   >NSUOC http://www.nova.edu/ocean/
   >NCRI http://www.nova.edu/ocean/ncri/index.html
   >Coral-List mailing list
   >Coral-List at coral.aoml.noaa.gov

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