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Dear Friends,

Below is a sneak preview of the abstract for the lead-off talk for 
Mini-Symposium 4-2:  "Diagnostic Monitoring & Assessment of Coral 
Reefs: Studies from Around the World".  

Anyone involved in coral reef monitoring and assessment will find 
the subject of diagnostic cellular assays fascinating and a 
"must hear" at the 10th International Coral Reef Symposium in Okinawa! 

"Response specific metrics for a coral reef index of biotic 
integrity: new diagnostic cellular assays and future research 

Jameson SC, Downs CA, Potts KW


In our continuing effort to create a new paradigm for coral reef 
monitoring and assessment (i.e., one with early warning and 
diagnostic capabilities) we provide new information on response 
specific cellular assays for a coral reef index of biotic integrity 
(IBI).  These assays not only have the power to determine 
specifically WHAT is causing the change in coral reef systems but 
can also provide vital insight into HOW the stressor is operating 
within the metabolism of the target organism.  Cellular assays fit 
within the Individual Condition category of the framework for 
a coral reef IBI and can potentially have relevance to all the 
attributes within this category. While potentially very powerful, 
cellular assays should not be used as the only metric(s) in 
biological monitoring and assessment.  We discuss the suggested 
number of metrics, from each metric type, that should be included 
in a well-constructed IBI to reflect the multiple dimensions 
of biological systems.  Not using this multi-dimensional 
strategy can result in flawed assessments and poor management 
decisions.  Finally, we show what cellular assays work now 
for coral reefs, discuss research pitfalls to avoid and 
outline promising areas for future cellular assay research 
for diagnostic coral reef monitoring and assessment.


Abstracts due: 25 December 2003 at http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004/  
(click on 'Call for Papers' and go to 'Abstract Submission').
Also, please send a copy of your abstract to sjameson at coralseas.com 

Title: "Diagnostic Monitoring & Assessment of Coral Reefs: Studies from 
Around the World"

Aim: The aim of this mini-symposium is to report and continue progress on 
developing a new paradigm for coral reef monitoring and assessment - that 
is, one with an early warning and diagnostic capability (see Research 
Strategy; Jameson et al. 2001, Bull Mar Sci, 69(2):701-744; 

Scope:  The scope of the mini-symposium will focus on the development of 
coral reef indexes of biotic integrity and biocriteria, dose-response 
metrics, studies on bioindicators, and other diagnostic monitoring tools 
(i.e., cellular, genetic and nitrogen/carbon isotope techniques).  
The mini-symposium will also focus on classifying coral reefs for 
diagnostic monitoring and assessment and establishing reference 

All papers presented in this mini-symposium will be placed on the U.S. 
Environmental Protection Agency coral reef web site 
(www.epa.gov/owow/oceans/coral) to build the Diagnostic Monitoring and 
Assessment Data Base and provide information to others working in this 

Information:  Please contact me if you need any more information 
(sjameson at coralseas.com).

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