[Coral-List] Coral Reef Diseases Mini-Symp

EWeil eweil at caribe.net
Fri Dec 19 14:12:52 EST 2003

Dear Colleagues, 

A reminder for the Mini-Symposium 1-4, "Diseases of Coral Reef Organisms: Evolutionary Aspects, Current Status and Prognosis" 

We would like to invite all interested parties to submiit abstracts ASAP.

The scope of this mini-symposium is to summarize the status of diseases and new syndromes affecting coral reef organisms around the World. Other goals include discussions of new advances in the pathology and etiology fields  (new methods, new findings, better approaches and descriptions, past errors, etc) and the epizootiology (Distribution, host range, prevalence and incidence at the species and community levels, spatial and temporal variability, epidemiology, etc) of old and new diseases and syndromes.

Abstracts should be submitted through the website

Deadline is December 25th, 2003.

This mini-symposium is being organized by myself, Rick Aronson and Garriet Smith.

Saludos! and Happy Holidays for All.


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