[Coral-List] Fwd: RE: Please edit and send to Jim Hendee!

William Fitt fitt at sparrow.ecology.uga.edu
Tue Dec 23 06:09:38 EST 2003

>Attention: zooxanthellae researchers interested in presenting at the
>Okinawa ISRS meeting.
>Currently there is only one minisymposium emphasizing zooxanthellae 
>("Flexibility and specificity in algal-invertebratesymbiosis: 
>diversity, stability, physiological capacity, acclimation 
>andevolution").  You might remember that there were 4 sessions 
>relating to zooxanthellae at the Bali meetings.
>We are working to organize another session on zooxanthellae that will
>accomodate all other zooxanthellae-related talks!

Please send in your abstract, referencing the "Flexibility and 
specificity" minisymposium.  We will help organize another 
zooxanthellae session if there are enough submitted abstracts.

>Bill Fitt   fitt at sparrow.ecology.uga.edu
>Andrew Baker abaker at wcs.org
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Dr. William K. Fitt
Institute of Ecology
Bioscience 711
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602
706-542-3328  (542-3344 FAX)

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