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Dear Patti,

There is a scleractinian (stony) coral on the Texas coast that matches your
description, although a photo would help.  It is Astrangia poculata
(formerly known as A. astreiformis in the Gulf of Mexico and A. danae in
the Atlantic), reviewed in:

Peters, E.C., S.D. Cairns, M.E.Q. Pilson, J.W. Wells, W.C. Jaap, J.C. Lang,
C.E. (Cummings) Vasleski, and L.S. Gollahon.  1988.  Nomenclature and
biology of Astrangia poculata ( = A. danae, = A. astreiformis) (Cnidaria:
Anthozoa).  Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 101: 234-250.

If you send me a photo, I can verify this for you, or you might find it in
marine organism identification guides.

Dr. Esther Peters

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I am teacher and I take my class to the coast every year for field work
and a general marine biology experience. There is a small white
calcareous coral, lacking zooxanthellae, found in the intercoastal area
around Port Aransas, Texas. The polyps are about 3-5mm and the skeletons
are very crystalline in appearance growing colonially in a bunched form
on any hard substrate it can find (usally an empty shell). I have always
thought that it was some kind of octocoral but I have never been able to
truly identify it. Do you have any ideas as to what it might be? 



Patti Nicoll



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