[Coral-List] Searching for 2003 Coral Spawning Dates

Yusuf, Yusri (WorldFish) y.yusuf at cgiar.org
Tue Dec 30 02:36:07 EST 2003

Dear All, 
Dates of coral spawning can be obtained from ReefBase coral spawning
database that was established in the middle of this year.
The data can be downloaded from http://www.reefbase.org/download.asp
go to DOWNLOAD DATA BY THEME, Select theme: Spawning
then select the format required, and area in the dropdown list.
Most of the data is obtained from reports in coral list and few other
The database is far from complete and we welcome any spawning observation
(past and present) by coral reef researchers to be included into the
database.  Please use the form that we have created at

While we can also use any form of report with the spawning details and for
input into our database the use of the form helps to ensure consistency
between different reports.

Yusri Yusuf
Research Assistant, 
World Fish Center, 
11960 Penang, Malaysia.
www.reefbase.org  a global information system on coral reefs.

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Subject: [Coral-List] Searching for 2003 Coral Spawning Dates

Dear Coral Lists subscribers,

Would it be possible to get the 2003 spawning dates and data about the
number of colonies spawning for the following species?

Montastrea annularis
Montastrea faveolata
Montastrea franksi
Montastrea cavernosa
Diploria strigosa
Diploria clivosa
Diploria labyrinthiformis
Eusmilia fastigata
Colpophyllia natans
Agaricia spp
Favia fragum
Dichocoenia stokesii
Siderastrea siderea
Siderastrea radians

Sorry if I am asking to much, but it would be better if data belongs to
some region near Colombian Caribbean.


Phanor Montoya Maya
Director Ejecutivo
Fundación Bucea Colombia
correo at buceacolombia.org
Telefono: 300 6122392
Fax: 3232668

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