[Coral-List] acronyms

Doug Fenner d.fenner at aims.gov.au
Sun Nov 2 00:53:36 EST 2003

     I've noticed that some people posting messages on coral-list use 
acronyms freely.  Such acronyms often are for government programs in 
specific countries.  Coral-list messages go out to people all over the 
world in many countries.  Many recipients may not know right away what 
you're talking about.  Could people please make their messages more 
understandable for those in other countries who may not know what the 
acronyms stand for by giving the title they stand for the first time they 
are used, just as they would have to do in a journal.
     Also, if you are referring to a place that people on the other side of 
the world may not immediately know the location of, such as 'the northern 
islands', could you please use specific geographical terms (such as the 
country name) that would be widely recognized.  This may help many 
readers.  Many thanks!  -Doug

Douglas Fenner
Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
PMB 3, Townsville MC
QLD 4810

  61 7 4780 4451 (home)

(PMB stands for "Private Mail Bag", MC for "Mail Centre", QLD for Queensland)


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