[Coral-List] I am looking for a PhD opportunity

Edouard Lavergne lavergne_edouard at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 4 04:12:45 EST 2003

Dear Coral Lister

My name is Edouard Lavergne, I am a French master student in Environmental 
Biology of the University of Wales Swansea (U.K.). I am currently working on 
the origins of nutrients and chlorophyll a anomalies in Villefranche Bay (SE 
of France) during the summer period.

I am highly interesting in coral reefs and linked biotopes because they form 
the most productive ecosystems of the Oceans and they represent 
bioindicators (bleaching events, assemblages
) of past and present 
environmental disturbances such as sea level change, global warming

I am looking for a PhD opportunity that links Coral reefs, Earth and 
Environmental Systems, Processes and Changes in order to protect the 
environment but also to manage human activities which dramatically affect 
coral ecosystems.

I would greatly appreciate if someone has any information about a PhD 
opportunity. Propositions, from everywhere in the world, are welcome J

Thanks for your help.
Regards, Edouard

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avec vos amis.

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