[Coral-List] ICRS Symposium on Coral Reefs and Global Changes

Mark Eakin Mark.Eakin at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 6 16:00:55 EST 2003

As part of Theme 2, Environmental Factors Controlling Coral Reef 
Formation in Space and Time, a mini symposium series is planned on Coral 
Reefs and Global Changes.  This series will consist of six mini-symposia 
discussing a wide range of global change aspects, focusing on sea level, 
paleoclimatology, carbon, physical monitoring, community responses, and 
societal implications.  A focused panel discussion of important findings 
will then follow in the "Special Session" time.

On behalf of the many organizers of these sessions, I encourage you to 
submit abstracts to this exciting series that has great relevance to 
problems facing reefs today.

*Coral Reefs and Global Changes*
*2-7*     Coral Reefs and Global Change 1:Reef - Sea Level - Climate 
Interaction through Time (Paul Blanchon <blanchon at mar.icmyl.unam.mx> and 
Hironobu Kan <kan at cc.okayama-u.ac.jp>)

*2-8*     Reefs and Global Change 2: Corals as Recorders of Past Climate 
(Mark Eakin <Mark.Eakin at noaa.gov>, Eiji Matsumoto 
<matsumot at ihas.nagoya-u.ac.jp>, and Andrea Grottoli 
<grottoli at sas.upenn.edu>)

*2-9*     Coral Reefs and Global Change 3: Corals, Carbon and Climate 
(Joanie Kleypas <kleypas at ucar.edu>, Yoshimi Suzuki 
<seysuzu at ipc.shizuoka.ac.jp>, and Chris Langdon 
<langdon at ldeo.columbia.edu>)

*2-10*     Coral Reefs and Global Change 4: Community Responses to 
Bleaching: Recovery or Degradation? (Peter W. Glynn 
<pglynn at rsmas.miami.edu>, Peggy Fong <pfong at biology.ucla.edu>, and Juan 
Mate <matej at naos.si.edu>)

*2-11*     Coral Reefs and Global Change 5: Reef and Societal 
Implications of Bleaching (Al Strong <Alan.E.Strong at noaa.gov>, William 
Skirving <William.Skirving at noaa.gov>, and Ove Hoegh-Guldberg 
<oveh at uq.edu.au>)

*2-12*     Coral Reefs and Global Change 6: Understanding the 
Interactive Roles of Light, Sea Temperature and Carbon-Dioxide in Coral 
Bleaching, Growth and Coral Recruit Health, Using Instrumented Arrays 
and the CREWS Modeling System (Jim Hendee <Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov> and 
Rusty Brainard <Rusty.Brainard at noaa.gov>)

*Special Session* (Presentations will not be accepted as this is a 
summary session)
Coral Reefs and Global Change 7: The State of our Understanding: A 
Synthesis, (Mark Eakin, Hajime Kayanne <kayanne at eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp>, 
and all chairs)

Please visit http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004/ for instructions on 
abstract submission, deadlines, registration and other information.  
Copies of abstracts should be submitted on the conference website 
(http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004/) and copied in an e-mail to the 
organizer of the individual session.

See you in Okinawa!

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Director of the World Data Center for Paleoclimatology

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