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Dear Coral-List readers,

My name is Anne-Laure Groison. I am actually graduated of a "DEA" (fifth year of University in France) of the University of Paris 
Jussieu, Pierre et Marie Curie. My degree is in Biology, Oceanography, and Marine Environment with a specialization in 
population dynamics. I am interested in coral and pelagic species, and I would like to apply my knowledge in marine ecology to 
a PhD Program. 

Last 6 months, I was interned at IFREMER (LASAA, IFREMER-IRD) Brest, France. Under the supervision of Dr. Hélène De 
Pontual my research to scheduled my degree was on the validation of growth and aging estimates of hake, Merluccius 
merluccius in the Bay of Biscay. Preliminary results of this work have led to a publication submitted to ICES Journal of Marine 
Science (in press) on the feasibility of mark-recapture experiments on hake, of which I am a co-author. Additional results 
obtained by the end of my internship in June will lead to another publication (in progress).

>From November 2001 to July 2002 I held an internship at CSIRO Marine Research Laboratories in Hobart (Tasmania, 
Australia). Under the supervision of Dr. Jock Young, I conducted a project involving the use of otoliths to age juvenile broadbill 
swordfish, Xiphias gladius, from eastern Australia. From this work, I independently authored a paper.

Beginning in January 2002, and at the same time as my work with Dr. Young, I held a part-time position working with CSIRO 
Principle Research Scientist, Dr. John Gunn. I worked for six months 2 days a week on the migration and habitat of Thunnus 
obesus, a project using archival and conventional tags to determine key uncertainties in the species stock structure, movement 
dynamics, and CPUE trends. Within this project my role was to perform initial analyses on data from archival tags (electronic 
data loggers) using Archtag and telemetry data.

Before my experience at CSIRO, during my 4th year of university, I held an internship in the laboratories of IFREMER-CNRS 
CREMA in l'Houmeau. My studies involved the effect of temperature on the interactions between metabolism and swimming 
performance in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). My supervisor was Dr. Guy Claireaux. Together we produced a publication (in 
progress) and presented our work at an international congress on the biology of fish in September 2002 at Vancouver BC, and 
a poster at the SEB annual meeting (2003), at Southampton.

These experiences have given me the opportunity to work as a part of various teams in different labs, giving me exposure to a 
broad range of marine science subjects. I am really excited about applying these experiences to a Ph.D. and to ultimately
becoming a researcher.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be grateful if you could let me know any informations about a PhD opportunity (all 
around the word). 

Sincerely yours,

Anne-Laure GROISON.

Contact details for three references :

Dr. Hélène De Pontual, IFREMER, Laboratoire de Sclérochronologie des Animaux Aquatiques, DRV/RH/LASAA, BP 70, F-29280 
Plouzané, France.
helene.de.pontual at ifremer.fr

Dr. Jock Young, CSIRO Marine Research, Castray Esplanade Hobart Tasmania, GPO Box 1538 Hobart, TAS 7001, Australia.
Jock.Young at csiro.au

Dr. Guy Claireaux, IFREMER, Crema-L’Houmeau, Equipe 3, Ecophysiologie, Place du Séminaire, BP 5, 17137 l’Houmeau, 
guy.claireaux at ifremer.fr


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