[Coral-List] Artificial Reef Workshop

Iain Macdonald I.Macdonald at mmu.ac.uk
Tue Nov 18 12:16:04 EST 2003

Dear all

I would like to test the water to see if anybody would be interested 
in an evening social gathering for informal discussions regarding 
artificial reefs at the forthcoming International Coral Reef 
Symposium in Okinawa, Japan (June 28th to the 2nd of July) see 

This meeting would be particularly relevant for those interested in 
the mini symposiums within the heading "Coral reef restoration" (4-
20 and 4-21).

The conference organizers promote satellite meetings, however, i 
can not find information on the web site regarding these and 
thought best to start to ball rolling. I think an informal meeting 
would be an excellent way for networking and allowing the new-
comers (including myself) into AR research. I would therefore 
encourage everybody interested to attend this social, if and when it 
can be organised for.

I can gather together a list of interested people so that this meeting 
can be organised if you responed directly to me at
I.Macdonald at mmu.ac.uk 
with the subject heading "Artificial Reefs meeting". 

Mnay thanks
Iain Macdonald
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Department of Environmental and Geographical Science,
Manchester Metropolitan University,
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