[Coral-List] Reefcheck annual result

Gregor Hodgson gregorh at ucla.edu
Sun Nov 23 12:07:25 EST 2003

Hi Mohammad,

Reef Check is about to roll out our new website which will include summary
reports on annual results. The annual results for any given year will not be
available until first quarter of the following year. The full Reef Check
database in Access is also available from Reef Check by FTP or by mail (CD).
Please send requests to <rcdata at ucla.edu>

Reef Check is currently collaborating with the University of S. California
and ReefBase to develop "WRAS" a web-based Expert Coral Reef Advisory System
that will allow Reef Check participants to obtain a variety of comparative
results in graphic and statistical format directly on the web or by email.
We hope to have a beta system running by mid-2004 and will announce it on
this forum. Those of you attending the GCRMN/ReefBase Workshop next month
will have an opportunity to learn more about it and to provide
recommendations on implementation.


Gregor Hodgson

Executive Director, Reef Check
Professor (visiting)
Institute of the Environment
1362 Hershey Hall Box 951496
University of California at Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1496
Tel: 310-794-4985 Fax: 310-825-0758

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Dear all
I would like to know that how I can get Reefcheck
annual result. Any assistant would be highly

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