[Coral-List] Habitat suitability mapping / artificial reefs

Paul F. Stampfl paulstampfl at eircom.net
Tue Nov 25 10:13:11 EST 2003

Dear List Members,

I am involved in GIS based environmental modelling, including habitat suitability mapping.

With regard to artificial reefs I am looking for some background information.


First, Is anyone aware of any GIS based modelling effort (publication, project etc.) for the purpose of finding the most suitable spot for placing artificial reefs?


Second, are there any guidelines, laws in place regulating the creation of artificial reefs?   


Third, any suggestion, which environmental factors are considered to be important?


Temperature, Turbidity (Light availability), Salinity, Depth (is there a Optimum depth range?)


Distance to land, populated places, facilities like harbours or marines, etc 

Distance / closeness to natural barriers e.g. coral reefs 


Any input is appreciated.





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