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 The last message we send have lost the attached list of
accomodations. Thank you very much for many kind people
mentioning us about the lost attachment. We revised the
list into the mail format. Aporogize for the
 Please note that this is an unofficial information
gathered by local peple. We purely hope to help those
especially students like us wishing to extend the stay or
save money for the trip on Okinawa symposium. 

 If you want to make reservation, please do contact the
hotel or dormitory by yourself, and on your own risk.
Phone # and URL are listed.  
 Below, the list of low priced local Inns, Dormitories in
Naha-area in Okinawa, Japan. (!!please remenber that Naha
is about 30-40 min drive from the Convention Center

 List includes some local hotels with English speaking
person available or working at the facilities.
Rate(price/night)is shown in 1000 yen unit.
 Hope this list would be helpful. 
 Best regards

Number		1
English		a little
NAME		Minamikaze
STYLE		Domitory
RATE	B&B.	N/A      Bed ONLY	1.5
ADDRESS		900-0012 Naha, Tomari, 2-4-6
PHONE #		81 98 863 1183
URL		http://www.h5.dion.ne.jp/~nannpuu/

Number		2
English		a little
NAME		Getto
STYLE		Domitory
RATE	B&B.	N/A	Bed ONLY	1.5
ADDRESS		900-0013 Naha, Wakasa, 3-5-15
PHONE #		81 98 861 7555
URL		http://w1.nirai.ne.jp/getto-32/

Number		3
English		O.K.
NAME		Shin Kin-Ichi Ryokan
RATE	B&B.	3.6	Bed ONLY	3
ADDRESS		900-0014 Naha, Matsuo, 2-12-7
PHONE #		81 98 869 1010
URL		http://www.shinkin-1.net/

Number		4
English		a little
NAME		Sun Marine Naha
STYLE		Hotel
RATE	B&B.	 3.8-4.3	Bed ONLY	 3.3-3.8
ADDRESS		900-0002 Naha, Akebono, 3-6-24
PHONE #		81 98 862 5252
URL		http://www.yuntaku.com/hotel/

Number		5
English		O.K.
NAME		Kiyofuji
RATE	B&B.	N/A	Bed ONLY	2.0-3.0
ADDRESS		900-0036 Naha, Nishi, 3-15-14
PHONE #		81 98 868 0819
URL	http://w1.nirai.ne.jp/t-ocean/kiyofuji.html

Number		6
English		O.K.
NAME		Okinawa Resourt Club
STYLE		Domitory
RATE	B&B.	N/A	Bed ONLY	1.5
ADDRESS		      Naha, Kumoji, 3-9-7 4F
PHONE #		81 98 941 7180

Number		7
English		a little
NAME		Green House
RATE	B&B.	N/A	Bed ONLY	 1.7-2.0
ADDRESS		      Naha, Nishi, 2-9-1 
PHONE #		81 98 868 9410

Number		8
English		O.K.
NAME		Nishimachi
RATE	B&B.	3	Bed ONLY	2.5
ADDRESS		      Naha, Nishi, 1-16-8
PHONE #		81 98 861 5961

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